DEMO’s consultancy reduces and avoids the possibility of mistakes or waste of time and money, supporting clients in analyzing all aspects that come in to play when evaluating a PET bottle project.

These include studying problems, new operations consultancy, design and industrialization of new PET containers, prototyping and laboratory tests, manufacture and supply of blow moulds, installation and training at the client’s plant.

DEMO’s strong point is the fact that all of these services are carried out within one plant, reducing costs and lead times.

Before taking on new projects, our Integrated Project Assessment service allows us to answer a series of questions:

  • What does the client wish to achieve with the new PET bottle?
  • Which, and how many possible solutions are there?
  • Which PET preform is best for producing the new container?
  • Does the solution fulfil the client’s expectations?
  • Does the solution take into account technical limitations on the existing production lines?
  • Is the solution the best option for reducing format changeover times?