Prototyping & Testing

Our additional SERVICES include PET container sampling so that new products can be fully assessed, also on the client’s production lines, and laboratory tested.

Once the container design has been approved by the client, and before going ahead with the manufacture of the industrial set of blow moulds, it’s possible to see how the final container will look.

Plexiglas Mock-up: A transparent or coloured Plexiglas bottle, with the same shape, dimensions and neck-finish as the approved container. It offers the possibility to test various types of caps and labels, and well as the impact of the new container on the production lines.

Pilot mould: A pre-series mould can be made for the client’s blow moulding machine in order to verify the correspondence between the mould’s mechanical parameters and those of the machine. The service allows clients to test the output (blown PET bottle) directly on their production lines.


Container prototyping: Through the production of one single mould, DEMO can produce batches of containers on a single cavity machine. Thanks to this service, the client can see the new PET bottles right from the start and evaluate the correspondence between the technical, visual and dimensional parameters.

Laboratory tests: DEMO carries out the main laboratory tests on the new PET containers, dimensional and Top Load tests etc. The results are sent to the client with all of the parameters established during the design stage.