Solutions in the field of PET Packaging,
with a full and tailored service

We are one of the leading suppliers of solutions in the field of PET Packaging internationally and we offer each client a complete and bespoke service.

Start-to-finish project management: from the design proposal to the design of the PET container, from the evaluation of the impact on the lines of the new container to the conversion of the neck, from the construction of the blowing mould up to the installation and launch of production at the client’s plant.

From 2005 up to now, we have come up with an original and personal response to every project, in line with the client’s expectations, largely thanks to a combination of passion, efficiency, innovation and the centrality of people.

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Would you like to involve us in a new project? Do you believe in the potential of our team and want to give us a try? Tell us about your idea and together we will find the winning solution to transform it into a product.

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