PET container for still mineral water

PET container for still mineral water. The bottle can be used as a single-dose container for children.

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2D + 3D File

Each 3D proposal is accompanied by a technical data sheet that summarizes the characteristics and specific properties of the design, starting from the type of preform hypothesized to the simulation of the optimal distribution of the thicknesses. The 2D file in PDF format of the 3D representation of the bottle and the 3D file in the STP or IGS format are transferred to you. The mathematics provided allow the construction of the mold at your production in complete autonomy (if you decide not to produce in our branch). Moreover, the 3D file allows to evaluate the actual dimensions and all the characteristics of the bottle.

3D Printed Mockup

If the marketing factor is not at the top of your priorities, but you still like to observe and hold in your hands a model of the desired bottle, the ideal solution is the 3D printed mockup. Unlike the plexiglass model which is a full container, here the preview is a faithful copy of the PET bottle. Despite the fact that the thickness is greater than of the PET bottle, this model also perfectly represents the final container, in terms of dimensions and neck finish; the possibility of applying the cap remains. It can be supplied in two colors: ivory or black.

Plexiglass Mockup

If the graphical representation of the bottle is not sufficient because the marketing factor has a significant weight for your project and you would like to have a physical representation of the bottle in question, the Plexiglas mockup is what you need. The model perfectly reflects the desired container, in terms of dimensions and neck finish. It is possible to apply the cap as well as the label of your product, in order to obtain a very representative facsimile. The color can be transparent or chosen as desired by you.

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