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Acqua Sant’Anna


As far as water goes, Acqua Sant’Anna is one of the world’s highest, purest, lightest and lowest in sodium content. For the launching of the new shape of its 1.5 litre bottle, the company requested that we study, develop and launch the production of the redesigned container.

The client’s request was to create a bottle with an original style, an extremely reduced weight and a bottom suited to resisting nitrogen pressure that could be manufactured at a high speed. Our solution immediately combined the requested aesthetics and technical features: the particular irregular ribbing heightens the product’s uniqueness while the position and shape of the panel labels are its distinctive attributes. These are the traits that have dictated its success, making it the best selling container in Italy.

Product: Mineral water
Year: 2017
Company: Fonti di Vinadio Spa
Brand: Sant’Anna
Format: 1.5 Litres
Pre-form: 25/22
Technology: Cold- Fill

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