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Juicing Dimmidisi


The juicing phenomenon is the new trend on Italian and European markets. This is the extract of fruit and vegetables with supplemental ingredients that yield specific benefits to our organism.

For the launching of the product’s new packaging, our company was appointed to conceive and design its new PET container in a 0.25 Litre one-way format. The request of the client was to devise an essential shape for the packaging   capable of magnifying the product’s characteristics while explicitly calling colour therapy to mind: each bottle was to have a different colour that was distinct, bright and connected to the colours of the fruit or vegetable and their beneficial characteristics.

The result is a highly appealing container with a marked visual impact that can easily be identified by consumers, capable of immediately conveying freshness, salubrity and well-being.

Product: Juice
Anno: 2017
Company: La Linea Verde Soc. Agr. Spa
Brand: Dimmidisi
Format: 0.25 Litre
Pre-form: Affaba & Ferrari
Technology: Hot- Fill

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